Thursday, April 12, 2007

Killer B's!!!

It's not like I'm digging ditches for a living or anything. But my job here at the wine shack does entail a certain amount of effort. You think setting that table in the picture below is easy? How about filling 160 glasses 1/3 full, knowing that everyone is going to be checking out the person next to them to see if they got more. Talk about pressure!
So what did I go through all this for? Why did I put myself through this work day meatgrinder? So 18 of my new best friends who showed up at the wine shack could taste a great batch of 2001 Brunello di Montalcinos, that's why. To my mind the reason that sangiovese was invented by the gods of wine was so the resulting grape juice could make it way into these bottles of vino fabulousness from that tiny patch of enchanted land surrounding the hilltop village of Montalcino. I love these freakishly great bottles of Tuscan goodness, which are absolutely one of my favorite ways to get my grape groove on, and the 2001 vintage was simply incredible in that part of the winemaking world. Across the board these wines killed. They didn't even start to open up and show their stuff for about 90 minutes after I poured them. Everyone was pretty knocked out. The wines we had were:
* 2001 Mocali
* 2001 Caprili
* 2001 Canalicchio
* 2001 Altesino
* 2001 La Gerla
* 2001 La Gerla "Angeli"
* 2001 Campogiovanni
* 2001 Solaria
So what were the hits? How about all of them. For me I loved the Solaria, Mocali, Caprili, and La Gerla "Angeli", but none of them were lagging. The only thing is you need to wait about 5-10 years before these start to show their best. Talk about anticipation. When you're making some rocking Italian dinner in about eight years and wander down to the basement and grab one of the bottles you were smart enough to hold on to, you'll be pretty freaking smug once it hits the glass. Feel free to look me up and thank me for the heads up I gave you a few years earlier.

So that was my day at was yours??


kab said...

Wow! Now I'm all thirsty! Sounds like a great party...and you're the best at the parties, I gotta say. Hope everyone was appropriately knocked out.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Solaria's website. Check out that cellar!

bb said...

Everyone was suitably imprsssed...but give people enough to drink they'll like anything. But these were fanatstic!

Thanks for the link.....I'lll add it to the list on the post!


bb said...

and I love the much good juice there!


Mateo said...

Oh man was I bummed when I was reading your email about this. You just tainted my whole trip to Mexico. It just means we'll have to crack a bruni when I get back. I'm sure it was great. It reminds me of the time I bought a bottle of Brunello from you; I told you I was going to lay it down for 5 years and you told me to wait ten. Well as fate would have it we were having dinner with Kate and Mark( ) at Portafino's and we needed a bottle...So I only aged it for 15 minutes, but it was mighty fine.

I am missing my Vino's tasting and my sellwood crew. There is lots to eat but not so much interesting with the drinking. I have taken to beer cocktails call Micheladas. It has a bunch of different hot sauces, lime juice, pepper, salted rim, ice, and the cerveca of your choice. My first one made my stomach turn, but now I like em.
Anyhow, sorry to carry on, I'll be back in 2 months, but if you feel like coming to Zacatecas, MX in the mean time, just Holla!