Monday, April 09, 2007

Day off dinner

8:30am- What else am i going to do on my day in the rain? I think not! This is much more to my liking...spending a day playing with food. It's like a day long recess for the food obsessed. 10 1/2 hours from now....four guests showing up....dessert (carrot cake which I've never made before), appetizers, main course on deck. Cleaning up, setting the table. Luckily, since I'm not totally masochistic, most of the shopping was done yesterday. Here's the menu:
Apps- 14 month manchego, olives, and leek and goat cheese tartlets.
Entrée- Paella & green salad with balsamic/mustard vinaigrette.
Dessert- Carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting.
Alright...time to rock some to the wine shack for beverage, then quick pick ups of a few last minute items. Check back for more updates as the day goes on......

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