Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"A Woman's Place...."

There was a great article recently in the NYT that was mainly about the lack of women in new, high-end restaurant kitchens where they are doing "new cuisine", which as far as I can tell is anything shot out of a whipped cream maker or cooked with methylcellulose...isn't that a sponge?...but it also talked in the opening about the difference between male and female chefs, which I think is stated perfectly.
This quote is from Ann Cooper, author of “ ‘A Woman’s Place Is in the Kitchen,’ ” a history of female chefs in America. “Tall food was a male invention; women weren’t doing much of it. Basically, women feed people.” Women don't drive many Corvettes either, do they? Can you say penis food?
Having been in the situation to hire both male and female chefs, give me the non-ego driven rants from a female chef any day. And in my experiences, they can drink and swear just as much as any guy, and when things are rocking the kitchen, isn't that what it's really all about?

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