Saturday, March 17, 2007

Whetting the Appetite

There are several ways to whet one's appetite. For me, just thinking about my next meal, which all too often happens when I am sitting down with my current meal, gets the juices flowing. Reading cookbooks can be foreplay for all food slaves....especially ones with pictures! My monthly raft of food mags come with teasing regularity, their words causing me to to plan my next trip to the market. And of course we have this medium, that cursed/beloved time waster that Al Gore invented, that source of information and temptation, the pot of gold that Sergei Brin and the other guy at Google are mining for gold, which can only mean the intenet. From time to time I'll mention a few of my favorite food sites/blogs. These are all places I travel in my mind to when I need to escape and feed my food fantasies.

One of my long time favorites has been Leite's Culinaria. Edited by David Leite, this is kind of the Atlantic Monthly for food lovers, with well written essays by Leite or one of his posse of fellow food obsessed wordsmiths. There are always recipes that are begging to be tried, columns that are both funny and informative, product reviews, interviews ...basically hours of enjoyment to delve into. Plus you should absolutely sign up for his semi-regular emailings that always provide a welcome diversion, especially from work!

Bon appétit!!

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