Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shanghai Street Love

While w was spending an hour getting a full body massage the other day in Shanghai (by the way, for you massage fans, her 1 hour massage, which she said was amazing, cost $12 U.S.!!!), I decided to find my own pleasures of the flesh. Wandering the streets, I came across this noodle joint on a busy corner, where for a mere $1.50 I had this fabulous bowl of fresh noodles with bok choy and a large Suntory beer, while sitting next to a local couple and a 50-something year old French businessman.
Do I need to even explain why I love it here??

This is the noodles place. There is a woman, who gave me one of the best blank looks ever when I tried to order my noodles, sitting outside at a little table taking orders (right behind the girl in the pic). You can kind of see the tiny kitchen where all the food is being pushed out. Hot, steamy....amazing what they can do in so little space!


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Mmmmm, cold beer...remember how good they used to taste? And do i even need to mention martinis? Sorry, that's not very nice to say to a mom-to-be!!