Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Inner Doofus

You would assume that with a blog, a website and a several thousand person email list for my business that I would know more about computers. Sadly, those who assume such are almost continually disappointed. That is why I find NYT tech columnist David Pogue's "Pogue's Posts" endlessly useful. In spite of the fact they continually reinforce the shallowness of my self-deluding thoughts of my own tech savvy-ness, I almost always learn something. This week's post is a must read, one where even for many of you who think they know it all and look down on those of us who, well, don't , I can almost guarantee you'll find something useful. It is a list of Tech Tips for the basic Computer User. I found myself reading this going "Wow, really??" an embarrassing, but eye-opening, number of times. So join me in embarcing your inner tech-doofus!

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