Monday, October 06, 2008

A few small bites....

This just in from the New York Times "Diner's Journal" blog: writer Zahra Sethna reports that the world's first testicle recipe collection is being released. Included are preparations for testicle pizza, barbecued testicles with giblets, and, um, battered testicles. To which I can only say, Ouch!
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Locally w and I stopped in industrial northwest PDX for the opening peek at the new shared home Oregon wine producers Grochau Cellars and Boedecker Cellars. I love both those wineries, as much for the people behind them as for the stellar reds and whites they produce. They're calling their joint venture the Portland Wine Project (2621 NW 30th Avenue), and it is the only commercial wine production facility within the city limits. Look for their public opening over the Thanksgiving weekend. John Grochau of GC (far right in pic at right) and Stewart Boedecker and Athena Pappas of Boedecker will begin getting in grapes next week, and as Stewart said "we'll throw the switch and hope everything works!"
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Add Stewart and Athena: Check out this article by Athena in the latest Mix Magazine, our local fishwrap The Oregonian's attempt to be foodie hip and cool (with, may I say, very "mix"-ed results), for some of her families Greek recipes. Can't wait to try her Tzatziki, which in Pappas family tradition is eaten with ridged potato chips, because as Athena told me yesterday "then you can eat even more!". Also looking forward to whipping up a batch of Mama's Meatballs!
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Also had brunch yesterday at that fabulous addition to our upper-Hawthorne neighborhood Por Que No taqueria. The perfect way to start my Sunday? A plate of chilaquillas (pic at left) and a carnitas taco!
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Perhaps the peripatetic Mario Batali should spend more time at his restaurants and less time palling around Europe with Gwyneth. The NYT has just reported that his flagship restaurant Babbo has lost its one Michelin star.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news about Grochau Cellars - he's one one of my favorite winemakers! What good news.

bb said...

And one of the nicest guys in our local wine biz, too!