Friday, May 15, 2009

The OLCC, aiding and abetting.

For all the aggravation and inertia that is endemic to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, who run one of the most inefficient liquor distribution systems I've heard of, it is all the more surprising when they do something that is actually useful. They've set up a website called that lets you search for your favorite escape from reality and find out not only which store nearest you carries it, but also lists bottle/case prices and provides a google map of the store location. This search site is particularly handy for finding the more obscure liquors that not everyone carries (especially the incredibly lame OLCC store on 46th and Hawthorne where a recent request for yellow chartreuse drew a blank stare and a grunted "uh, what??"). It would have really come in handy last week when I was searching for crème de violette, which now I know I can get at the Uptown liquor store. Credit where credit is due for efficiencies, OLCC!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Now I can find, ahem, Fighting Cock, an honest-to-goodness (rough but drinkable) Kentucky whiskey. Most stores hang up when I ask for this... that and Blue Bols. Whazzupwitdat?