Thursday, May 07, 2009

Little bits of love

Yet another reason it pays to come to work....

I was sitting here at the wine shack, hard at work minding my own and the whole internet's business when my friend and new guy in the 'hood Josh (who is also a very talented writer...check out his reviews on yelp) stopped by to say hello and bestow upon me the cutest box of cookies from Portland's Two Tarts Bakery, which I had heard lots about but never been to, and now, after consuming while I write this the best freaking peanut butter cookie I've ever had, am sure I will be salivating at their counter with disturbing regularity. Gift giving needs coming up? This perfect four-pack (there's a mini salt sprinkled chocolate chip cookie hiding underneath) of edible ecstasy may be just the thing!!
Two Tarts Bakery on Urbanspoon


josh? said...

Haha, glad you liked them. I'm so addicted to that place.

bb said...

dude, they killed! I'll see you in front of the two tarts counter!!