Saturday, September 27, 2008

Season's greetings!

This is why we all get out and dig in our muddy gardens in the spring, wait and watch and worry through wet cool early summers, sweat while we weed in July and August, and pray for sunny Indian summers, all so we can enjoy ripe, plump, and sensuously sweet tomatoes in fall. The latest from my garden. They were so perfect I had to share!


knielsen said...

I am about to go make sauce with the ones I just picked. Please share a favorite tomato recipe with us!

BigBear said...

No thanks, as a PROFESSIONAL CHEF, I do NOT need "moderation" before I evaluate your post.

David Wyers
(727) 467-9009
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

bb said...

k- I'll do an addendum tomorrow with lots of ideas, I promise!

bb said...
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bb said...

bigcub- So many thoughts come to mind in response. Let's see.....
1-apparently your comments do need moderation because they just were!

2- I have lots of friends who are DOCTORS, SALES REPS, ATTORNEYS, PROFESSIONAL CHEFS, WINEMAKERS, and RESTAURANT OWNERS who have enough self worth that they call themselves doctors, sales reps,attorneys, professional chefs, etc. without feeling the need to capitalize their occupations.

3- reading your profile, don't you mean UNEMPLOYED PROFESSIONAL CHEF?

4- dude, you take yourself way too seriously.

5- what is up with that crown?