Monday, September 15, 2008

The original Ronald McDonald ad. Keep him away from the children, please.

The original Ronald McDonald, in his first job after being released from prison. Okay, that may or may not be true, but after watching this creepy commercial, the original Ronald ad, it seems a distinct possibility.


Metroknow said...

I am showing this immediately to my children. Nobody can stop me. You may think that it is wrong to freak your child out, use scare tactics and nightmares to improve their eating habits, but we are, after all, at war.

Now I must find a way to erase these mental images from my own mind.

Dear LORD.

I am afraid to go to sleep. :)

Anonymous said...

Look closely-- that's none other than the currently insane Today Show weatherman Willard Scott (confirmed by., among many other sources the good folks at Fakipedia, Scott's books, and the McDonald's website itself). Looks like this dude's always been, ahem, out there where the busses don't run.

More of crazy Willard's Mickey D's commercials:

Gregg Z.