Saturday, August 16, 2008

Zucchini invasion? Fight back!

In case your garden patch is running over with the unexpected bounty of too many zucchini (And who could possibly be surprised by too many zucchini. Haven't you heard the horror stories of plants run amok? I have to say I've never planted them because when I can buy something for about a dime or so at the markets, I'd rather let others do the work.) may I offer on more way to use them that is all too easy and all to delicious. My friends, one word: grilling! Two more: Asian marinade! w came up with this fab marinade that is way too easy. No long recipe needed here. Mix together three parts rice wine vinegar, one part olive oil, and 3/4 part soy sauce. Slice zucchs in 1/4 inch strips, baste with marinade on both sides, grill for a few minutes over medium hot coals (I did mine after roasting a chicken. While the chicken was resting I threw the zucchini on). Grill, turning and basting regularly to desired doneness. I like 'em still a bit crunchy, not soggy. It's a great veg side with a nice bite from the marinade. And they are even rather attractive, don't you think?!


Norm Schoen said...

I nominated you for an Art y Pico award: Cheers!

bb said...

Thanks Norm....I appreciate the love!