Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tequila terroir??

Feeling smug when you pull out that bottle of "premium" José Cuervo Gold tequila like you're giving your friends the "good stuff". Guess again. That particular tequila is what is referred to as mixto, a bastardized mix of 51% agave tequila and 49% other additives like sugar or neutral spirits. If you respect your friends...and yourself for that matter...check out this remarkably revealing tequila primer from Jason Wilson of the Washington Post so you can confidently talk tequila terroir with your friends, while having a tasting of blanco and reposado tequilas (and be able to explain the difference!). And by the way, in tequilas home state of Jalisco, Wilson learned after a particularly disheartening visit to the Cuervo factory that "no one in the state of Jalisco drinks margaritas."


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gwyn said...

Except the Gringos in Puerto Vallarta... ;)