Monday, May 19, 2008

Unexpected pleasure!

One of the most satisfying things about eating out is when a plate of food appears in front of you with a presentation you didn't expect, you've never had, it is delicious, and something easily replicated at home. Such was the case last week when w and I were out with her visiting sis having another remarkably satisfying meal at Clyde Common here in Portland. In the midst of an array of deliciousness, the pasta pictured above appeared. Very simply prepared with chopped fresh herbs, olive oil, a bit pf grated Parma, and best of all an almost perfectly poached egg (it could have been maybe a smidge less done). But is was so nice to have the yolk adding its creamy, slightly fatty texture and the eggy bits smushing up and mixing into the pasta. Really a nice touch, and something you could do with plenty of other pastas. Before this my pasta-egg combo of choice was of course Marcella's perfect carbonara. Now, my mind is racing....I'm having visions of fresh spring asparagus with sautéed chopped pancetta, maybe a light sprinkle of Parma, with a farm fresh poached egg sitting prettily on top!

Also enjoyed that meal were their incredibly addictive starter (left) of fried anchovies with aioli (I dare you to have just one order!), and a meltingly tender entrée of braised pork shoulder (below).

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