Thursday, May 08, 2008

Shoo fly!

Tired of being strafed by that pesky fly while you're trying to stir your risotto? Or perhaps you're being buzzed while enjoying an afternoon cup of tea in the kitchen while perusing your latest cookbook? Take a tip from your local taco truck and make those arthropodic annoyances a thing of the past. My friend Amy sent me this link last night she found on a design blog she follows. Apparently for years taco vendors have been hanging plastic bags of water in their trucks to keep flies away. Now designer Jose de la O has come up with a modern home version, pleasing to humans, but paralyzing to the fly eye. The way water refracts light is too much for their multi-faceted optics to uptake, so they'll move on to less troubling environs, like your neighbor's kitchen!

photo from Jose de la O website

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bleeding espresso said...

Awesome tip; thanks for sharing :)