Saturday, March 22, 2008

Start the (Albina) Press!!

For those of us coffee hounds on upper Hawthorne, the long wait is over with today's opening of Albina Press, whose first shop N. Albina Street has become a Portland coffee legend, with their caffeine craftsmen winning numerous national barista awards. And now, they're a mere block and a half from our house in a beautifully renovated space, big slabs of recycled wood on for the coffee bars and recycled wood along the counter front giving it an immediately comfortable feel. Opening at 6:30 Saturday and Sunday and 6:00 weekdays, staying open until 7 or 8, these guys are serious about their chosen profession. I stopped by this morning on my way to the wine shack, and had a near-perfect cappuccino. Sure, the foam could have been a little airier, not quite on a par with the celestial cappuccino at Caffé Umbria, but then again it was their first day (actually in their first hour) of being open, and they are just shaking down all the equipment. The future looks bright in the 'hood. Man, I love it when it all works out for me!!

This weekend only they are having a "soft" opening, and all coffee drinks are complimentary while they check things out. Take advantage, but don't forget to tip!

Albina Press
5012 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, Or

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