Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spread the word: Belon sighting in PDX!!

This is a shout out to all who, like w and I, live for their next bivalve fix in the form of brinily fresh, just-shucked oysters. For us the sight of a dozen or so Kumamotos or Fanny Bays and a cold glass of Muscadet are enough to bring our lives to a momentary, sweet stop. Last night we had another such experience that all of you fortunate PDX oyster aficionados need to know about. Right now at at Castagna Café they are serving what some consider the n'est plus ultra of oysters, fresh Belons, these coming from Washington. These native French delicacies originally from the Brittany coast are now being harvested up in Washington, and when I saw them on the menu last night my eyes got as big as the Belon's pleasingly round shells. They were outstanding with their creamy texture and salty-briny flavors. So fresh, it always reminds me of a perfect descriptor of the fresh oyster experience: "It's like eating the ocean." So true!

They won't be around long, so grab them while you can, preferably with a glass of their Francois Chidaine "Touraine" Sauv Blanc. Does it get any better? I think not!

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kab said...

We had some of these at the café last night and they were all that and more. Forget the mignonette, the rye toast points and the horseradish. Grab 'em and slurp away!