Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Piquillos con Atun

The pre-dinner party staples of cheese, crackers, and olives can get a bit played, can't they? That's why at our last dinner party this weekend, I went all Obama on our friends and decided it was time for Change in America....or at least at our house here in Portland. And when you put together something so easy and delicious as these classic Spanish tapas that everyone will rave about, then there is no excuse. All you need is a can or jar of Spanish tuna in olive oil, some whole piquillo peppers, some capers, and some nimble fingers, which luckily w has ten of. Viva la revolución!!
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Piquillos con Atun

1 Jar (7.6oz) Piquillo peppers
1 tin Bonito tuna in olive oil
Extra Virgin olive oil
1⁄4 cup Capers

1. Combine tuna in a bowl, draining off about half of the oil. Replace about half of the drained oil with extra virgin olive oil.
2. Break the tuna up into large chunks and add the capers.
3. Hold the peppers so that they form a cone in your hand and stuff with the tuna mixture.
4. Place each stuffed pepper onto a serving plate.

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