Sunday, February 10, 2008

Three cheers for Three Cups of Tea!!

Very momentous news this Sunday morning as it marks a most impressive milestone. My friend and confidant David Relin has as of today has had his very important, must-read book Three Cups of Tea on the New York Times paperback nonfiction bestseller list for an astounding and well-deserved 52 weeks (and counting!), still a very strong number 2 and looking to take down that tired number one Eat, Pray, Love (I mean really, hasn't THAT book been done any number of times?). David's book, very of-the-moment, focuses on the story of Greg Mortensen, a mountain climber who on the trek through the high-altitude Pakistani foothills after an aborted attempt at climbing K2, found his true calling and has launched an incredible, trying, and ultimately successful mission of bringing education and self worth to hundreds of previously forgotten young Muslim girls by building schools for girls in this overwhelmingly male dominated region of the world. Besides being an incredible adventure story, it is also an object lesson in what we could be accomplishing in that volatile region by enabling education instead of supplying weapons and the means of violence. Objectively, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to pick up a copy of this very important, entertaining, and informing book. I can promise you'll come away with a wider, more clear vision of what is really happening in this horribly misunderstood part of the world. America will never accomplish with guns what Mortensen has with books. It really is that simple.

Bravo to you, David, not only for today's moment, but for telling a far larger truth!

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kathew said...

Bruce- kudos for talking about this
book-it's fabulous!
Here's a link to my blog post about this book and our library!