Saturday, February 02, 2008

Psst, hey dude....can you score me a bag??

This just in from the San Francisco Chronicle website, confirming what my raging addiction reminds me of every time I lay my eyes on their darkly crisp, ruddy exteriors. In an article posted Wednesday the SF Chronicle tasting panel has anointed Kettle Chips Crinkle Cut the very best of the dip-worthy chips, going so far as to grant them a place in their Taster's Hall of Fame for their crunchy goodness. Pretty major props, I guess. But if you want to experience the full meth-like addictive power of these fiendishly seductive crisps, then I have to urge you to try their Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper flavor, with the caveat that with one bite you will be jonesing for them, as I do, with alarming regularity. Salt and pepper. Two great things that go great together as well as on top of these insidiously delicious nibbles. There's a reason we have come to refer to them as "crack chips". I've found myself snacking on them while I'm cooking dinner, sneaking into the bag before breakfast, and worse cramming a few in my mouth before bed after a long night out overindulging in other consumptives, which leads to the inevitable waking up at 2 a.m. craving water like a drunken Lawrence of Arabia crossing the scorching desert. And yet I know I'll succumb again...and again...and it's worth it, dammit!

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kab said...

We have to avert our eyes when we find ourselves in the chip aisle at the store. Heaven forfend they might be ON's almost too much to bear not to grab (I almost wrote "score") a bag.

For those of you who are still untainted by their allure, do yourselves a favor and don't go there. It's a slippery slope.