Thursday, February 01, 2007

Will drive for food!
We're hungry with no motivation to cook anything at home, it's cold out, and we're craving FLAVOR for not many dollars. Luckily for us the perfect answer lies within a few minutes drive, and we jump into the car for a quick drive over to Chaba Thai (5810 NE Sandy Blvd.), which for my money is making the best Thai food in the city. The last couple of times in we have been so happy, satisfied, and left without having our wallets fleeced. Pretty much everything I could ask.
We took a quick look at the menu, and I promptly zeroed in on the Golden Bags, which we a special appetizer of deep-fried wonton wrappers around chicken, shrimp, and crab with a couple of dipping sauces. So lovely to look at and delicious to eat! And unlike so many apps you order around town where it seems they've made enough for maybe one very small person, this was an incredibly generous portion for a mere $7.50.

For the main events, the menu listed a whole sea bass on the specials page that "the chef highly recommends and you will love". I'm not too easy a sell, but if you're going to put that shit out there, then I'm in. We also opted for their Pad Thai with shrimp, one of the best versions around. The sea bass turned out to be fabulous...moist, succulent, topped with fresh lemon grass, peppers, and set on a bed of spinach with a light plum sauce. This was really fucking awesome. The lemon grass really gave it this nice zip, it had just enough heat, and I know it'll be one of those dishes I'll end up!!

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kab said...

Lucky for us Chaba is close by and we can go there often, since it's the best Thai in town...and I don't say that lightly! There are other places fancier and certainly more expensive, but the flavors in this place are always so varied, fresh and clean that we can't stop going back. It just rocks!