Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Feed your mind, and your stomach will follow!

Much as I'm enthralled with my own writing, I do appreciate what others have to say. Especially when it come to things edible. That's why my Wednesday morning ritual is to look first thing at the New York Times website and immediately click over to the the Dining and Wine page. This is the best food page going of any U.S. paper, and always has something worthwhile to whet my appetite. Take this morning. What else do I want on my mind at 9am besides steaming pots of meaty, porky spaghetti sauce? How about nothing! There's a great article (with recipes) by Kim Severson about her search for her Italian grandmother's (that's grandma's pic above) spaghetti sauce recipe. I could practically smell the simmering sauce as I read the story. Memo to family and friends: it will be coming soon to a stockpot on my stove!
There's always something interesting going on the Wednesday, cocktails, NYC restaurant news, wine, travel....everything the food obsessed among us could want. Plus it beats the hell out of thinking about work!
If you're not clued in, lemme help you out: The NYT website is free to access, all you have to do is register with your email. You can opt out of any emailings/offerings...I've been doing this for years and have gotten, oh, I don't know, zero spam...and it's web pages and ease of use makes our local paper The Oregonian's website look like an elementary school project. But then again the NYT makes our local fishwrap look like junior high journalism. Get's free, it's fun, it'll feed your mind and stomach. Is there anything better than that?!

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