Monday, February 05, 2007

Our Kitchen is my kind of kitchen!
Why I don't go to Nuestra Cocina (2135 SE Division/ 503-232-2135) more often is a question I don't have any rational answer for. Could it be that I don't need more impeccably prepared Mexican "peasant" food in my diet? No, that can't be it, because I could chow on this goodness every day. Could it be that I've had more than my share of margaritas in my time and their refreshingly delightful "traditional" margarita might be the one that pushes me over the edge? Possibly yes to the "more than my share" part, but decidedly no to the second question. And does my love of all things porcine extend to their astounding chicharrones, fresh fried pork rinds topped with an abundantly spicy tomatillo salsa?
After my experience the other night, a loudly stated hell yes!
Is it possible my craving for their addictive sopes, little corn meal cups filled with chorizo and sprinkled with queso fresco, is becoming an issue? Possibly.

And could it be that the lovely plate of grilled opah sitting lightly on a bed of spinach and surrounded by fresh manila clams I had at the same meal, which is one of the best plates of fish I've had in town, ever, be the thing that finally gets me out of my routine and firmly plants the wondrous creations of chef/owner Benjamin Gonzalez on my list of regular stops when I want something that just tastes good? Absolutely.
Bottom line is that this is the best Mexican food in town, possibly in the northwest, and a coveted seat at the counter is the way to go if you want to see a kitchen that rocks food like nowhere else. The line at times is somewhat daunting, especially with a group of four or more, but it is so worth the wait. Their website says Nuestra Cocina roughly translates into "our kitchen". Maybe that's why I feel so at home here.

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