Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rock of Ages!
I've always been a huge music fan. From getting high with my friends and rocking our air guitars to Led Zeppelin back in high school to my current infatuation with iTunes (which caused me to have to buy a new computer for "work" after my old computers memory was filled with several thousand songs). But the devil of the ease of iTunes is that it encourages less full album listening, and more single cuts. Although I think a fair criticism is that there are a lot fewer records out there that deserve your full attention for 13 or 14 songs. That's why the latest album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Stadium Arcadium", which came out mid-last year was such an amazing revelation. Not just one or two songs worthy of a listen, but a full double cd, 27 songs, with hardly a weak moment. First off, who does double albums that are worth a shit anymore? These old school rockers can tear it up one moment ("Readymade" or "So Much I") , funk it up the next ("Hump de Bump"), and slow it down with a beautifully lyrical performance ("Snow (Hey Oh)" ) right after that. Smart lyrics, super tight playing. I'm hooked. The more I listen to it, the more I'm convinced this absolutely belongs on the list of "greatest of all time" record releases. If you're serious, you've gotta have it.

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kab said...

I know someone who needs a little rockin' and rollin' right now, and with Valentine's Day coming up it may be the perfect gift to slide under his pillow! Thanks!