Monday, January 08, 2007

Getting In the Soup

Who doesn't like playing with new toys? It appeals to the five-year-old in all for us. It translates particularly well when you love food and are jumping into a new realm of flavors. Last night in our ongoing month of new, w opened up her culinary toy box and found all sorts of fun stuff....lemongrass, Thai fish sauce, coconut milk, Thai red curry paste....and ended up putting together a killer bowl of Thai chicken soup that would make the flavor masters at Chaba Thai proud. This was rich, silky, spicy, and and comes together more easily than you would think.
Here's some photos of the process....
Flavorizers...aka lemongrass, shallots, and parsley

Fish sauce...the secret weapon!

The results.....who needs chicken noodle?!

This is month of new food is turning out to be a great experiment in horizon broadening. Tonight, celeb chef Ming Tsai is providing inspiration for Singapore Noodles...stay tuned!

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