Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Forgive me Father, for I am thirsty....

Those brothers of beer have done it again, and perhaps better than ever. Brian and Mike McMenamin have just opened their newest brew joint, the Chapel Pub at 430 N. Killingsworth. This is to me by far their coziest little pub. The converted an old Little Chapel of the Chimes into a wonderful place to have a refreshing malted beverage. I know Mcmenamin's tends to be love it or hate it for a lot of people. For me, I really like their IPA, not so much most of their other beers. And then there's that nagging feeling that the food and service (especially) can sometimes be an afterthought.

But I have no quarrel with their renovations of some of the northwest's finest historical structures. At the Chapel Pub, there is ironwork throughout done by O.B. Dawson in the 1930's. Dawson was the man responsible for much of the incredible ironwork at Timberline Lodge.
You walk into this place and immediately feel warm. With a wood burning stove, a cute ;little corner fireplace tucked away in a side room, and a great oval bar in the main room, everything fits. I love what they've done here in North Portland, and feel it is their best, warmest, most Euro-feeling pub yet. Check it out!

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