Saturday, January 20, 2007

As big as all outdoors!
Being the avid outdoorsman that I am.....okay, maybe more of an aspiring outdoorsman....I made the most of a rare Saturday respite from the grueling wine business, with all its attendant drinking and alcohol enabling, by taking a little field trip up to Washington with w and the Chops for some snowshoeing fun. We drove 25 miles north of Carson in the Wind River wilderness at about 3000 feet elevation. The snow was in abundance, the traffic very light, and the scenery awesome with the sun playing hide and seek with clouds. We did a two mile loop, the last half of which was a continuous incline that had me fantasizing about the post-shoeing beer at Walking Man Brewpub in Stevenson. All in all a great day that once again served to remind me that we live in the most beautiful place in the world! Here's some adventure pics....
w and Chops in their outdoor finest!

Chops blazing the trail

When I get outta here I want a beer this big!

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