Wednesday, May 31, 2006

5/31/2006 9:40am/ Malaga Airport
At the Malaga airport, waiting for my escape to Barcelona. Being here is kind of like sitting in a smoke filled bar. Sure, they have designated smoking areas, but they comprise a counter set in the middle of the main aisle by the gates. As long as you're not blowing smoke directly in my face, I guess it's all good. Very curious, and so very Euro. Now on the other hand their taxis here put the hoopties most American cabbies drive to shame. They are invariable almost new and spotlessly clean. Unlike their American brethren, where it usually gives you pause to even sit on the seat. The cleanliness factor of most U.S. cabs is just a marginal step above hotel bedspreads. Is there anything more hygienically disturbing than hotel bedspreads? I know they're changing my sheets, but when is the last time that bedspread saw the cleaners? And if you think there isn't a lot of "personal" activities taking place on top of that bedspread, you're kidding yourself. My activities I'm good with. That couple from Des Moines, who now that they're not at home decide they are going to "experiment" on top of the bed I'm expected to sleep in? I don't think so.
Hope the plane comes soon...apparently I have WAY too much time to think!

See you in Barcelona for some paella!

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