Wednesday, May 24, 2006

5/24/2006 2:49 pm
A quick thought, and something that to me is very noticeable based on past experience here. I have to tell you this, especially directed at you shoe 'ho's out there, but it's not all about the shoes here anymore. Despite what you might read in the NYT Style read in bed Sunday mornings with coffee by the way....there seems to be a disturbing trend here. From my keen observation of the fashionable ones parading down le avenue, the word in shoes is "comfort". Used to be in Paris you couldn't swing a baguette and not hit someone in a pair of oh-so-sexy stilettos. Now...casual, low heeled shoes, everywhere...they probably don't even hurt your feet! Women of the world, sorry to be the bearer of bad news!


Frank Dufay said...

I skipped breakfast this morning after a light dinner klast night...this was the WRONG blog to be reading! I'm SO envious (and hungry...AND thirsty!)

Fortunately, the Euro-fried chicken helped bring me back into some kind of balance (unlike the value of the dollar which continues to drop...sorry!)

John Montague said...

Try av. Montaigne for some shoes...
If you are near the Jardin des Tuileries be sure to check out "Angelina" on 226 rue de Rivoli for the most luscious cup of liquid chocolate one could ever enjoy.