Saturday, May 27, 2006

5/27/2006 12:15...Sevilla
Slept fabulously here in wonderful Seville last night. Love my hotel...Hotel Corregidor. Beautiful patio, comfortable, very quiet at night. Slept like a baby last night. Will post a couple pictures tomorrow. Really a nice deal in a perfect location. Also wifi access!
Was up and out about 9 this morning. Went to the cathedral. Incredible. Supposed to be the biggest church in the world. Bigger in volume than St. Peter's in Rome. Staggering. Here's a couple of looks. The tower is called the Giralda...a landmarkof Sevilla's skyline.
Got lost on my way back to the hotel. Maybe one in six or seven streets is marked. I think it is one of the rites of passage here!
I know many of you have been here. How great are tapas bars? When I arrived last night, was hungry. Quickly found my rhythm. Duck into one...have a quick bite. Maybe a little jamon & cerveza, then on to the next. The chorizo looks good there, and the cerveza is cold on a warm evening. The squares are filled with people walking arm in arm, kids playing. Stop at Bar Rioja for some olives, another cerveza, a little manchego. The best part is I find I am spending almost no money, they are so cheap and so satisfying. And the warm sun feels rejuvenating after cloudy Paris. Will be about 85 today...perfect. Will have more pics of the scene and more food stuff later.
Off too see Calatrava's famous bridge here, hopefully this afternoon. Speaking of afternoon...time for tapas and cerveza...adios!

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