Saturday, May 27, 2006

5/27/2006 6:15...Seville
Man, is this a great city or what? Not only was I able to go back out for more tapas and cervezas, and the craziest tuna sandwich ever, but America is never very far away. This next part is somewhat, okay, REALLY embarrassing, but dammit, it's 90 degrees out, I've been walking around for the last three or four hours. So I'm hot, my feet are saying get your ass in a chair, and there it was, just ahead, with a sign in the window that seemed like a beacon of relief....Mocha-Banana Frappuccino...that's right...start in, it's totally deserved...I went to freaking Starbucks in Seville. How do you like that Cy? And ya know what? At that moment it tasted really fucking good! Okay, glad I got that off my chest.
Anyway, another fabulous afternoon. Seville is awesome. The people are beautiful. Now back in air conditioned comfort at the Corrergidor. Have my dinner tapas spot all picked out. Here's a few pics with commentary.
Found the local market...these guys are wondering where it all went wrong.

Granted my Spanish is next to nonexistent, but I think this butcher shop is offering a new take on the whole "Body of Christ" thing.

Summer fashion week in Seville. This is more pret a porter rather than haute couture. Green is HOT this season. Let me know if you want anything picked up!!

These guys were out last night. Really great and the guys were having fun. Hey Randall, it looks like they could use a rocking stand up bass player!

The patio at the hotel. The perfect spot to take a vacation from my vacation with a book...or Vanity Fair...they both work!

Now that's a tuna sandwich!! The guys at Patio San Eloy do it right. Looks crazy, but tasted great, especially at $2 a slice. As soon as they brought it out, it disappeared. Apparently a house specialty. This is a great tapas spot to put on your list.!! Hangin' at Bar Santa Cruz with beer number....ah, never mind. The thing is, on a hot day, these little 10 ounce beers at a Euro a pop are the deal!


NancitaLorenzo said...

Senor El Bruco - Si, su espanol es muy malo. "Recova" is a porch or patio, silly, not a body. Translation Jesus' Patio Meat Market. But do keep up the blog - we're all getting fatter by the day just by reading it!

ob2s said...

those fish are Merluzza, be sure to have some ->> Mare-loo-tha