Sunday, June 21, 2009

They're called "classics" for a reason!

As I type this I am happily enjoying what one writer called "basically, a perfect martini with an ounce of OJ." He would be correct. As I am always looking for new ways to satisfy my (un)healthy fascination of all things gin-ish, I have been meaning to try this most simple of classic cocktails, the Bronx Cocktail, forever. Why I never got around to it I have no idea. Must be that flood of gimlets, negronis, side cars, and Last Words...not to mention martinis....that have been enlarging my liver lately. And don't even get me started on the advent of G&T season. Christ, it's like I'm in the middle of an ADD-driven, alcohol fueled funhouse! Also you long time, readers, know of my respect for tradition on the planet Cocktailania, and this pre-prohibition tipple harkens back to a time of crashing stock markets, lost fortunes, and loose morals. Which I guess makes it the perfect drink for today. Gee, everything old IS new again!
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Bronx Cocktail
from various sources

2 ounces gin
1 ounce freshly squeezed orange juice
1/4 ounce sweet vermouth
1/4 ounce dry vermouth
dash or two of orange bitters
twist of orange peel for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker two-thirds full with ice. Add the gin, orange juice, sweet and dry vermouths and the bitters. Shake well, then strain into a cocktail (martini) glass. Garnish with the twist of orange peel.


dds said...

As we stagger down your delectable path of excess trying to keep up, we find ourselves out of liquor cabinet space. While we get used to the idea of throwing out some books to free up another shelf, I have a bitters question. If we had to chose between Angostura and Peychad to replace the orange bitters, which would you recommend? Maybe a dash of Angostura with a drop of orange extract?

bb said...

"Books"?! Why, that's just a bunch of over-inflated egos bound together, thinking they have something to say! Now bloggers on the other hand,,...never mind....

Between the two bitters, I would go your route. Although really I would go my route, and get another bottle of orange bitters which come in that slender, barely as wide as a Grisham paperback 4 oz. size. That is if you can bear to part with one of your collected works in paperback of John Grisham...heehee...just kidding. That's ME who has that collection.......okay, not really....

dds said...

How did I know you were going to tout the slenderness of bitters' bottles? (Does this mean you've graduated from enabler to pusher?)

We've already tossed the Hot Damn, Peppermint Schapps, old really is down to books. We DID find 3 copies of Pride & Prejudice though....mayhaps two of those = one slim bottle.