Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"Bacon Butter" and other thoughts

Assuming that you read this because you love food like I do (and I am both grateful to and afraid for you), then take a break from have started to work today, right?...and check out's Food Issue. I've been able to squeeze a few spare minutes from my busy work day here at the wine shack and have been entertained so far by Jennifer Reese's reactions to Michael Ruhlman's new book "Ratios", which apparently caused her to go on a baking bender. Equally entertaining and even more inspiring is Regina Schrambling's musings on lard, whose time in the culinary limelight has apperntly come. Best part: her calling lard, which is rendered pork fat, "bacon butter". Which sounds like the best thing ever, no?

illustration from slate


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A pound of bacon butter in every fridge, I say!