Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am a tool, use me!

Sometimes I feel like such a tool. Kevin from the Garden State Cart here in Portland (Sellwood neighborhood specifically) wanders across the street to the wine shack and tells me about some new creation, and my Pavlovian response after eating it is "Must...tell...others". Classic example this morning. He just got a 30# box of baby artichokes, which he trimmed, then poached in olive oil and grilled, then served with a few salad greens and aioli, plus a cute little Calabrian pepper. FOR THREE DOLLARS!! If this was a ten dollar app at a restaurant I'd be thrilled. I tried it, and just as he knew I'm sure, I loved it. Auto-response kicked in,so here it is. I swear if it wasn't so good you wouldn't hear a peep. If you are near him today, this is something you have to try. The cart food in this town continues to fucking blow me away!


TSannie said...

That looks incredibly delicious!

Nurse Nancy said...

I am ready to hop a plane and come taste this....proud to say that Kevin is my nephew.

bb said...

TS...even better than it looks!

Nurse're nephew is doing you proud, believe me. I love his stuff!