Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Julia Child on demand!!

I hate to admit that I was pretty late to the Julia Child cult. It wasn't until i read the incredible read "My Life in France" that I became a huge fan. Great book and a must read for any food lover, btw. I have maybe seen two of her old PBS shows. But now comes the great news that on PBS's new video on demand site you can catch past episodes (along with a ton of other great PBS content) for free. So far they only have ten episodes up, but that's ten more half hours of feeding my food obsession than I had before. Truly a welcome development to my food-addled mind!


josh? said...

I found "Julia's Kitchen Wisdom" at a used book sale and have been learning from it ever since.

bb said...

josh.....that is a great score! nice one o your part.