Sunday, November 11, 2007

Waffle Wonderland!

I have seen the future of breakfast, and it is emanating out a tiny take-out window at 3610 SE Hawthorne Boulevard here in PDX. Should you find yourself in Portland on a Saturday or Sunday feeling a bit peckish, might I suggest a stop at the "Waffle Window" on the side of Bread & Ink Café. There, every Saturday and Sunday from 9-5, you can try one of Mary Fishback's spot-on Belgian waffles, which w says are exactly like the ones she got at street stalls in Bruges (you know, the one in Belgium!), not too sweet with a perfectly crusty exterior. But you would also be well advised to sample one of her many daily special waffles. After a long walk with Chopper to get to this bit of noshing nirvana, I couldn't resist her pumpkin pie waffle...awesomely decadent and delicious! Mary bakes a crustless pumpkin pie, slides a slice on top of one of her Belgian waffles, surrounds it on the plate with perfectly sweet whipped cream, and a squiggle of homemade caramel sauce. Unbelievable! At $3.50 this was a well-deserved, or so I told myself, reward. And her regular Belgian waffles at two bucks are a walk-away steal. This is absolutely worth your attention, because we all know you deserve it, too!

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