Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lasso me some tasso!

Just a quick note to all you PDX readers (and eaters!). My sister and I met for breakfast and coffee this morning at Genie's Café on SE 11th and Division. I hadn't been here for a couple of years due to a less than thrilling experience my first time. But since my hunger knows no bounds, and who knows what might have changed in the intervening years, there I was. Three words describe my ensuing happiness: Tasso Eggs Benedict. A couple of slices of smoky tasso ham from those mavens of meat at Viande Meats who supply Genie's, a perfectly piquant hollandaise, and two expertly cooked poached eggs. It was all there and all good. I have an innate fear of eggs benedict due to too many experiences with gloppy, sour, too mustardy hollandaises. This was really nice. My sister had the biscuits & gravy which weren't half bad either. If you find yourself in the inner SE 'hood needing sustenance, you might be wanting to check Genie's out!

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