Friday, November 16, 2007

Fifty steps to nirvana!!

Can my life get any better? Regular readers of the blather that is posted here surely know of my food fetish, my not-so-dirty little secret. You know, THAT one. Of course I could only be talking about my taco cart obsession. Those mobile mavens of all things deliciously south of the border. I've been known to drive miles out of my way in search of a great pastor burrito, or the rumored perfect asada taco. Old ladies crossing the street and small children and their cute little pets best be watching out for my car when I'm mission(burrito) oriented.

But now all that careening around town may be in my past. That's because apparently God does answer the prayers of fools, because...and this is worthy of a certain amount of religious fervor...a taco truck has opened RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE WINE SHACK!!!!!!!!! As I'm typing this I can look out the front window at the Taqueria Uruapan cart, an offshoot of their hole-in-the-wall restaurant on SE 82nd Avenue. Even on this rainy late Friday afternoon a line of people waiting patiently for what I have come to discover are perfectly cooked asada, pastor, pollo, and best of all carnitas. What they do that I love is fry up the meat on the flattop grill, getting the bits of meaty goodness nice and crusty. Not wet and too saucy. Just right. And I'm not sure how the economic equation works here, but the tacos, with a healthy serving of meat and a dollop of salsa fresca, are only a dollar apiece!! How they make money I have no idea, but I'm taking full advantage. Their salsa rojo and salsa verde they give out are also top notch, and today I ventured into the land of humongous burritos and was loving life even more. This is great, cheap street food at its best. Did I mention it's right across the street? Hee-hee-hee!!!

The glorious carnitas tacos!


Debbe said...

Count me in as another happy neighbor that can't believe this amazing taco cart is but 2 storefronts away from me! I tried their Torta last week - with, of course, carnitas - so good, so giant and only $4. We are so lucky.

The Guilty Carnivore said...

so...this Uruapan truck is in Sellwood? Do you know how late they serve tacos?

bb said...

GC- The cart open until around 5-ish. Check it out!