Friday, June 29, 2007

Food Blogs: Batali bashes, Bourdain backs

Just when I really needed another diversion so I could even less done at work, I got turned on to the "Grub Street" column in the online New York Magazine site by fellow flogger (there has to be some name for this pastime, don't ya think?) Food Dude. Among other tasty bits was a short exchange between Batali and Bourdain regarding us food bloggers. Batali was cracking on us while Bourdain had our backs:

Batali: It’s amazing, these fucking Websites, these blogs.

Bourdain: I think it’s great. They’ve beaten down the wall, and everybody’s invited to write whatever shit they want about you. It’s democratic.

And it goes on from there. Click on the "Grub Street" link above to read more. Thanks T, we appreciate the support! Mario...lay off the bottle, it's starting to skew your reality.

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