Thursday, June 21, 2007

Audible Appetizer!

Even before I started blogging, I was subscribing to the emails from David Leite (pronounced "leet") and reading his outstanding food website Leite's Culinaria for a couple of years. The essays on his site are always informative, usually humorous, and always appetite inducing, and his recipe file is loaded with temptation. Now taking the next leap into the information age, Leite has just started a podcast, co-hosting with Anne Bramley of Eat Feed, called "Now Serving" (you can download/subscribe...for free...from the iTunes store by searching "Now Serving" or via the Eat Feed site). I recently listened to the first podcast, and it's terrific. Most of it is taken up by a fascinating interview by Anne Bramley of Eat Feed with Jacques Pepin, who comes off every bit as friendly, humble, and engaging as I've always heard. He talks about his past, his passion for food, his preference for the NY Times over Le Figaro and so much more. My favorite quote is when Anne asks Jacques what motivates him to keep cooking, and learning, and he replies " motivation to cook is I'm always hungry." So simple, and eerily familiar, n'est pas?

There are very few things in life you have to do, but if you love food and live to feed your passion, then you HAVE to give this a listen!

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David Leite said...

Glad you liked the podcast! We have lots of ideas for the future, and, of course, the show will evolve over time. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.