Saturday, July 12, 2008

Three of my new favorite things...or: Why I love living in Portland!

As you all know I never hesitate to feed my food fixation. Self-indulgence and immediate gratification are two of my favorite things. Every now and then certain things just grab my mind, and I think about them probably too much. But they taste so good, and my will is weak. Three of my current favorite obsessions here in PDX.....

The brand new on the menu crispy calamari at Kevin Sandri's "Garden State" food cart on SE 13th and Lexington here in the wine shack neighborhood. He brought me over a sample today and they are PERFECT! Crisp, lightly battered, tender, with a lemony aioli that is the ultimate accompaniment. This is a great takeaway treat, as good as any you'll have at any restaurant in town, and you'd best be trying them while they're around!
*** *** ***

Just to show you how good my life can be, one of my other favorite lunch bites is from the cart right next door to Garden State (and hence right across the street from the wine shack!!) at The Chuck Wagon. Chuck's pulled pork sandwich absolutely rocks. Moist, tender, just-right-hot sauced shredded bbq pork topped with a delicious slaw, all piled on a white bread bun. This is down home eatin' at it's best!
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w and I hit Ten-01 for happy hour the other day and my man Anthony sent us out a plate of their Thai Style Pork Ribs that were fabulous. Addictively spicy, fall off the bone tender, and if I remember right about five bucks for a generous portion during Happy Hour from 3:30-6:00. Crazy good shit that I could eat way too much of. Also not to be missed on the HH menu is their fresh shucked oysters at a buck apiece!

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