Thursday, July 24, 2008

Consumer reports: Don't let this happen to you!

For my consumer advocacy today, and because I am a dumbass when it comes to things automotive, let me save you $150 you can spend on your next dinner out......

So we were out at this remote campsite a couple of weeks ago, having a great time snacking and swilling riverside, and since it was getting later in the day I thought I'd better roll up the windows in the Subaru. All good so far. So I put the key in, turn the engine to on, roll the windows up, get out of the car while locking the doors, and...and...oh shit!..the #&%*$@% keys are still in the car. Oh, plus the lights are on for good measure. Hm, no way in, so I sheepishly look at w and in my best "Honey, you married an idiot" voice let her know what happened. She, being the kind person she is, withheld the mandatory rolling of eyes, and after we both ascertained there was no way in hell we could break in or call anyone to help, mainly because our cell phones were also locked in the car, decided the only way in was to break out the window pictured with our hatchet, because it was the smallest and obviously the cheapest to replace. So one whack and we were in.

So back home and on to the dealer to get it fixed, where body shop guy says, "So, you broke this did ya?" with a barely disguised condescension. Um, yeah, that's what I said, thanks for making me repeat it, greasemonkey. He says, "Ya know, ya really should've broken the main passenger window, because this little one is going to run you $340! I can replace those others all day for $190." Seeing my look of disbelief and my jaw hitting the ground, he explained that they manufacture the bigger windows in the aftermarket, so there's a ton available, but the small windows are specialized parts. He goes, "Yeah, everyone breaks the smaller windows thinking they'll save money". So, the financial message I'm sharing here is when you've already done one stupid thing, don't compound the ignominy. Go big, not small. Just in case, you know?

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Anonymous said...

Someone busted mine out and I found out the same thing that is it more expense but my window guy said call a scrap yard and get the replacement. That's what I did and the window was $40 and they charged $75 to put it in. :)