Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time well spent

In just five short hours, you can go from this....
to this....
to this....
....and end up with the best, sweetest, freshest tomato sauce you'll ever taste. Even though tomatoes seem to be in over-abundance...I harvested 18 pounds off of three plants Sunday morning...soon enough the season will have run its course and you'll be kicking yourself for not preparing for the long, cold winter nights ahead when the only cure is a dose of summer. I posted this recipe almost exactly a year ago, and it bears repeating, as last night w and I made up the last batch of last years sauce and it was heavenly.
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Slow Roasted, Herb Scented Tomato Sauce
an E.D.T. original

Destem tomatoes and cut in half. Arrange on foil that has been placed on top of grill grate (poke several holes in foil to facilitate smoke seepage). Arrange tomatoes on top as shown above. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt on tomatoes and top with sprigs of thyme. Place grill over medium-hot fire, arrange soaked rosemary sprigs around the outside of the coals (not on top of them as they'll burn to quickly), cover grill and let roast for four or five hours. To maintain a good temp, close top and bottom vents halfway (you may need to replenish the charcoal to maintain the temperature). When done, carefully slide tomatoes off of grill with spatula into large bowl. When cool place tomatoes in food processor in batches and purée until smooth. Portion into freezer containers, place in freezer, and wait for winter! You can also do this in a 250* oven, but you’ll lose out on the herb-tinged smokiness that takes this sauce over the top.

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Becky said...

YUM! I was thinking about canning, but this seems easier! We have a pellet grill. I may have to try modifying for it.... Oh! There's garlic infused wood pellets! I'll have to pick some up tomorrow!