Friday, June 27, 2008

"Double coney and an angioplasty, please!"

It's a good day for all Coney Islanders in Portland. Today at 5pm the much beloved Nick's Famous Coney Island at 3746 SE Hawthorne Boulevard is reopening under new owner Tyler Rogoway. After original owner Frank Nudo closed it down last year there was much lamenting among those who have artery clogging me. But not too worry, because along with preserving and restoring Nick's original décor, the old favorites are back. The single and double coney's are rocking it, along with burgers and even though this may cause Frank to wonder what in the hell has happened to the world he thought he knew, Tyler is also offering a veggie-Coney! Something for everyone, all ready to be washed down with some cold, refreshing, malted beverages!

1 comment:

xb said...

i know i am probably begging to deaf ears, but please please let them serve what we native detroiters know as "coney dogs". its the sauce, man... (and the looseburgers, but i digress.)

i hafta wonder if portland could handle beef-heart sauce, but man. this stuff is good. i have probably eaten more than 1000 of these things in my lifetime... a fact my arteries probably regret.