Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bar Avignon: oui, c'est bien!

It's nice when two peoples dream comes true. It even nicer when it coincides with my dreams and desires. Take Nancy Hunt and Randy Goodman, two fixtures on the local food and drink scene for years and two of the nicest people you could ever hope to give your money to. They've been dreaming and scheming for years to open up their own place, a casual spot with an old school Euro-feel where good wine at great prices exist alongside properly made cocktails and well chosen beers. A place with unpretentious and delicious food sourced as much as possible from their numerous local farm connections. Mostly small plates designed to be washed down by myriad refreshing adult beverages. A place where the windows open out to a sidewalk sure to be lined with tables of happy indulgers.

Now do you see why it's my dream too? We went to Bar Avignon's pre-opening party last Sunday and all of us were knocked out by the place (that's a view up and down the bar at left). Warm colors, nice lighting, comfy seats and booths. A long bar with stools and stand-up areas with a well stocked backbar loaded with temptation. Plus the snacks that chef Chad was throwing down were delicious, and if this is a peek into the future I am so there! Bar Avignon opens this Friday, so make your plans to check out one of my new favorite places. As seems to proven more and more lately, Portland's eastside rules!

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