Friday, January 18, 2008

Cellar Report: Satisfaction Italian Style!

Another sharing opportunity for those of you fortunate drinkers who have some 1998 Chiantis hidden away in your collections that you've managed to keep your thirsty mitts off of. We had this delicious bottle of 1998 Terrabianca "Scassino" Chianti with our grilled rib eyes the other night, and it was absolutely perfect. I love Tuscan sangiovese, especially with some time on it. Mellows out the rough edges, brings all that dusty cherry fruit out. The Terrabianca was just hitting its stride, the fruit showed plenty of character, and made me wonder why people buy domestic (American) sangiovese that will cost twice as much as this and never even come close to it in terms of flavor interest, quality, and food-friendliness. I know a ton of wine geeks who need to feed their over-inflated egos and lack of development in "other" areas with expensive bottles of wine so they have something to make their hollow, unsatisfying lives worth living. For the rest of us, we'll just sit back and enjoy classic wine like this, enjoying the weight of that extra cash in our pockets! If you're sitting on any '97 or '98 Tuscan wines (even those hyped up '97 Brunellos....a friend popped one last night and it was spot on!) wondering if the time is right, this is the time to pull the corks, because they are working it perfectly right now.

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