Saturday, July 08, 2006

A quick shout out to those who love their sangiovese's dark, rich, complex, and delicious. I went to Gino's (8051 SE 13th, 503.233.4613) just down the street from VINO with Melissa after last night's rocking tasting of northeast Italian red wines to grab a bite to eat and have some refreshing beverage. Eric was in fine form behind the bar, offering his usual blend of helpful advice and withering commentary. After a pint each of hoppy goodness in the form of Walking Man Brewing's IPA, I ordered the lamb on fried polenta because Eric strongly recommended it as the deal. It was delicious, but the best thing was the 1999 Felsina Chianti Classico Reserva off of their wine list at the ridiculous price of $40 a pop. This was awesome Chianti. It can't get much better than this guys. A couple years of bottle age have smoothed out those rough edges, making this pure pleasure and the perfect food partner. And they don't have much left, so get in there and grab your share while you can. You'll love it! Oh, memo to Washington winemaker guy who thinks his sangioveses are worth $30+ per bottle: how dare you when the new and crazy good 2001 Felsina CCR that kicks your overripe, over-oaked bottles to the curb can be had for less than thirty bucks per.

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