Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well, managed to come back with all ten fingers intact from Suzanne and David's wedding/fireworks extravaganza, and not too much other physical damage from all the indulgences! The wedding took place at The Lazy Bastard Ranch which is about 12 miles northeast of Astoria in Washington. Great spot. A guy who had a restaurant on Vashon Island sold that place, bought the ranch to do some sustainable farming and pasture fed cattle growing (or whatever they call it). It was a great ceremony, very relaxed, full of joy and informality but very touching, and Suzanne and David couldn't have been happier. I can't remember if I've ever cried at a wedding before, but this one got me! Of course, being restaurant people (they're both bartenders at Castagna), the food was off the hook. Nate from Castagna was in charge of the edibles, and he was rocking it. The beverages were flowing in abundance, the crowd was so fun, and Suzanne's fireworks show was the perfect finale.
To Suzanne and's to long lives and lots of love together!!

Here's a few pictures of the festivities....
Nate feeling it beforehand!
David overseeing the action....
Monique and the Handsome One awaiting the arrival of the bride....
....and here she is, arriving in style!
Suzanne and mama alighting....
Doing the deed
Isn't he cute? And delicious, too!!

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Suz said...

Thanks for the lovely photos.
Thanks for coming, I had a g-damn blast...I hope you did as well.
I still got all ten fingers, and, well, what can one say to the beauty of that farm.
BTW, as a wife now, I feel more powerful in my cooking powers...roast chicken anyone?