Friday, August 21, 2009

I am a food geek

B: "Hi, my name is Bruce, and I am a food geek"
(a smattering of applause is heard from the crowd, followed by a group "Hi, Bruce")
B: "Thanks everyone. I knew I had a problem when even though I live in Portland, 3000 miles away, I find myself transfixed by the change in restaurant critics at the New York Times. I was a huge Frank Bruni fan, and am somewhat agitated that this new guy, this Sam Sifton, won't give me the same fix that Frank did. I wish I could just stop reading, but I can't. Just today I read this blog post from about reaction in the blogosphere about Sifton's appointment. I find myself ignoring my work responsibilities just to read lines like "Sam Sifton kinda looks like Simon Pegg. That's not a bad thing." and "This Sam Sifton sounds like a complete, total jerk and douchebag." and wondering if it's true. Then, to top it off, I even ignored incoming phone calls to read two different Q&A's with Sifton from the Times site that I found here and here. I know I need help, I need to get my life back. But I hear he's quite brilliant....and he likes tacos.......and he seems to have a good sense of humor...and, oh god, I need help......"(fade to black)
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Anonymous said...

Hilarious Bruce! I know what you mean though :-)


wileycoyotepdx said...

I already miss Frankie Brun-tastic...I also cringe at having to get used to Sam Sifton. Let's hope born round tides us over until we can sanely move forward...One can only hope that the new critic disdains hipster spots as much as frankie boom boom.

bb said...

Lika...there's more of us out there than we can imagine!

wiley...I know what you mean. Sounds like SS may veer toward the more "accessible" on occasion. Hopefully that doesn't mean hipster. We'll see.

Laura Martone said...

Hilarious as always, Bruce.

In fact, because of your consistently awesome blog, I've decided to give you the B-I-N-G-O Beautiful Blog Award. Enjoy!

we are never full said...

i hear you... i really hear ya. i mean any time someone's looks are thought about before their talent, you just have to wonder. it's sad... but maybe he'll have that brad pitt effect - hotness and talent? you never know.

but let's be honest here, this is a big change. plus the new guy isn't italian and that's a big part of why i'm sad. let's try to all have an open mind. in a year we can rip him a new one if we're not happy.

bb said...

laura...THANKS for that. Just got back from a few days away, and I appreciate it so much!!

we are...Brad Pitt? Well, okay, if you insist...
And it is a big change, but I have heard that even some non-Italians can write a little about food too, but I know being from the city, you have a vested interest which I totally respect!