Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick Bites PDX: Beaker and Flask

What you see at the left is almost reason enough to be celebrating the opening of Beaker and Flask, Kevin Ludwig's long awaited labor of love that has been in the works for almost two years. In any event, it is here, we were at the opening night Thursday, and the Coltrane! Coltrane! Coltrane! cocktail (a perfect blend of Gin, Amer Picon, Peach, Lemon Bitters) pictured was the perfect way to settle in what immediately has vaulted to the top of my favorite PDX bar list. The place was rocking, but Kevin has put together the New York Yankees of bartenders with Tim Davey (pouring with intense concentration my Coltrane! at right) and Lance Mayhew helping to swing the heavy lumber behind the bar.

This is a great space, open, with light on this summer evening streaming in through the wraparound windows along the west wall. The very attractive concrete topped bar, with extremely comfortable bar stools, is the spot to hang so you can watch these pros work. The opening night crowd was like a who's who of Portland's micro distilling scene, and everyone was having a great time. Kevin has a rep like no one else, and the vibe in the room was a celebration of all things well-made and alcoholic. w and I indulged in some great treats off of the limited opening night menu, and even with the slam, the kitchen kept up and was plating up some seriously delicious gastrobar food. If it is this good on opening night, then we have a ton to look forward to! Here's some pictorial highlights....

Kevin working it at the bar with Lance giving him some form of
encouragement that is best left unsaid!
bar fly's

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